Underwater hockey with G.B.D. Calamari

In addition to diving, underwater hockey is played within Calamari, ranging from swimming pool training to competing in the national league.

So, are you a student in Groningen and you are looking for a chance to try out this sport? Then please contact us!

When and Where?

Regular underwater hockey training takes place on Thursday from 18.00h to 19.15h in the Willem Alexander Sport Centre swimming pool, Zernikeplein 17 in Groningen. You are always welcome to come and try out underwater hockey. First you will get some explanation about techniques of underwater hockey and basic information about Calamari. After that we start the training with exercises to train the techniques. Most of the time we finish the training by playing a match. If you show up unexpected we might have less time to explain, therefore we encourage you to first contact us and make an appointment!
In addition to the regular underwater hockey training there is a general fitness training on Monday from 20.45h to 22.00. Sometimes it is possible to also practice underwater hockey during this hour if there is no dive training.

Underwater hockey in short

As the name suggests, this team sport is played below the surface of the water, at the bottom of the pool. The goal of the game is to score more goals than the opponent. A goal is scored by sliding a lead puck with a short stick into the opponents gate.
The equipment includes swimming shorts/suits, snorkel gear (diving glasses, snorkel and fins), a protective glove and a stick. For further protection a cap and a mouth guard are worn.
In addition, a lead puck and the gates are required.

During a match, 2 teams of 6 field players and 4 substitutes play 2 periods of 15 minutes. The playing field is about 25x15 meters. Switching players is unlimited as long as the maximum number of players in the water is not exceeded. The team that scores the most goals wins the match.
All players are equivalent, which means there is no goalkeeper to stop the puck by hand. Nevertheless, there are specific positions, namely the attack players, the midfield players and defense players. Each position has its own requirements, but no special rights over the other players.
Due to the limited ability to catch your breath, it is a rather intensive, strenuous sport. By playing regularly you increase your stamina, especially during the first months. Diving to the bottom of the pool and swimming underwater will become easier after a while. Once used to it, playing underwater hockey is incredibly fun. You will hardly even notice you are underwater.

Members can also have a look at the underwaterhockey tactics file at the download page.



For more information, questions or a try out lesson, you can email the underwater hockey committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Did you know...

...you can also become a member if you already have a license by PADI, SSI, IDD, or other international organization? You can even continue with a subsequent course. Everybody is welcome!

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