Diving with G.B.D. Calamari

With Calamari we dive frequently in freshwater lakes as the "Veenmeer" near Tynaarlo. However most of our diving occurs in the "Grevelingenmeer" and the "Oosterschelde" in the south of the Netherlands in the province "Zeeland". The diving season runs from March to October, although it is possible to dive in the winter.

The first dives required for the dive training are mainly done in the freshwater lakes near Groningen. However, to experience the beauty of diving in the Netherlands we leave for Zeeland multiple times a year. During these dive weekends we stay in field center De Schelphoek or in mobile homes at Schouwen-Duiveland. During these Zeeland camps we make several dives during the day and night. In addition we fill our cilinders, we eat, drink, play games and talk about our dives with each other and somehow find a moment to sleep as well.

Since biology is in our name (Groninger Biology Diving association) we take extra notice toward animal and plant live under water. The roots of GBD Calamari lies within the study (marine) Biology and therefore a lot of knowledge is available within our association. We will take you into the world of the mating Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis), the green sap-sucking slug (Elysia viridis) and the seahorse (Hippocampus sp.)

Holidays abroad

Nearly every summer we organise a holiday abroad. Recently we have been to Corsica, Denmark, Bretagne, Cornwall and Spain. These holidays are the best way to experience diving under different conditions and beautiful places.