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The underwater hockey weekend

It’s already been a little while ago, but from 22 to 24 April a group of underwaterhockeying Calamarians went to the far north of Noordpolderzijl on the first ever underwaterhockey weekend!

Underwater hockey game

Today we had a special match day in Zeist, we had 1 official match and 1 friendly match.


It’s been a while since the last nullie camp, but it finally happened again! For me this was also the first diving camp to Zeeland and for me also the opportunity to finally get my license.


On the 18th of February, a new Calamari activity was planned to happen… We were going to Kardinge for a curling clinic and to go ice skating. How exciting!!

Underwater hockey game

In the morning of March 20, the journey to Zeist started very early. For some even too early, because they missed the train. So we had to play the first game with just the four of us, luckily we got help from a member of another team. With 5 people we won the first game 11-1 against UVO. With high hopes, we played the second game, against Pontos. Despite our commitment and perseverance, we lost this game, with a 22-0. It was a wonderful day of competition, on to the next one, hopefully with some more players.

Members' weekend of Julie

The first members weekend in 3 years you say? Worth the wait? Absolutely!

Maintenance of the regulators

Last Sunday, we managed to do the second half of the annual maintenance of the regulators.

Underwater hockey game

Last weekend our underwater hockey team had a game in Zeist. We played very well, however the results were a little disappointing. 0-9 against Calypso and 0-8 against TRB-RES. But on the bright side, the teams were very positive about our play and said we have a lot of great potential in our team. So if we keep on practicing, we might even defeat them the next time!

Swimming pool is open again!!

Yes, here we go again!! The pool is open for usage again!!We will resume our swimming, diving, underwater hockey and snorkeling from January 17th. Register for practice using the calendar on the website.There are a few more Corona measures. Make sure you have read the new protocol carefully. You can find this in the website menu under 'COVID info'. These are the most important new rules:

Introduction Period

Dear Calamarians, Currently sitting in a lockdown once again makes me nostalgic for period of good old student comradery I experienced during the introduction period at Calamari.
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