New Years Plunge

On Sunday January 8th a couple of Calamarians went swimming at Dot as a new year’s dip. When we got there, we didn’t really know what to expect.

The sky was blue, and the sun was out. Everything looked like it would be a warm winter’s day. However, it had already been freezing hard in December, so it was likely the water would be cold.
Once everyone had arrived, we moved to the waterfront to get ready. Everyone stripped down to their swimming gear, counted down, and jumped (except for Johan, he was really enthusiastic and went ahead). The sudden cold was a refreshing rush. Even though the weather was nice, we didn’t dawdle in the water for too long. Once out, the sunshine was a welcome relief, but not yet enough to warm our cold bones. A cup of hot chocolate or two at Johan’s sure did the trick though…

By Pieter Rrrrr

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