The underwater hockey weekend

It’s already been a little while ago, but from 22 to 24 April a group of underwaterhockeying Calamarians went to the far north of Noordpolderzijl on the first ever underwaterhockey weekend!

We were a rather small group in a rather large accommodation, but that did mean we had plenty of space, including a large grass field outside. The Friday was spent buying groceries, having dinner, and playing games. On the Saturday, we started the day with some exercises and ball games on the grass, after which we went on a walk to the Wadden sea. We didn’t see too much water but we still enjoyed ourselves (and played more games). In the afternoon we started practicing underwater hockey technique and tactics on dry land: at the dining table and in the grass. We had a lot of fun toppling over in the grass to mimic making a turn, and even learned some useful techniques along the way! The evening was spent playing more games, and heading to bed early for the pool practice on Sunday. We practiced in an outdoor pool so it was a bit chilly, but the water was warmer than expected and it was nice and sunny so while we kept swimming it was pretty doable. Here we put the grass exercises to practice ‘for real’ under the guide of Demi and Thomas, which went very well, and played some practice matches. After the pool session we had lunch, packed up, and headed home again. All in all a very fun and educational weekend!


Written by Greetje

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