On the 18th of February, a new Calamari activity was planned to happen… We were going to Kardinge for a curling clinic and to go ice skating. How exciting!!

I was surely wondering what would happen when you put a Calamarian on the ice instead of in the water. Apparently, not much, because our plans had to be rescheduled since a big storm was coming in on friday night. Luckily, there was still a place for us at Kardinge on the 18th of March and the weather was way better so all 14 of us gathered, very excited of course, at the ice rink. So, put 14 Calamarians on the ice and let them play with heavy curling stones and they will fall on the ice face-first. At least I did… But after a few tries we were all getting much better with sliding the stones into the house, or at least close to it. And of course we had a lot of fun with the brooms. We were divided into two teams and played two matches before the official time for the clinic was over, and naturally the best team (red) won. Now it was time to ice skate!! Most people went and put their skates on and went for some rounds on the ice rink, but we were also allowed to keep curlinging (how do you even say that?) so a few people kept playing. At 22.00 we had to get off the ice and most of us headed towards Cynthia’s for a drink. I think all of us had a lot of fun, at least I did, but if you missed out, don’t worry! Maybe we’ll try again next year? 

By Ann

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