Members' weekend of Julie

The first members weekend in 3 years you say? Worth the wait? Absolutely!

Last weekend kicked off the first members weekend the club has had since 2019 and oh how much this gem of a trip has been dearly missed by us all. On Friday the 25th 27 Calamarians all headed down to Klonie for a wonderful weekend away. Come Sunday hangovers plagued us all, several of us were lacking in sleep, however the percentage of participants satisfied? A whopping 100%!!!
Now for those of you who didn’t attend and have been desperately waiting for this review, OR for those who went and are now suffering from crippling withdrawal symptoms from the best weekend of their lives, let us all gather here today and take a lovely, little walk down memory lane.

Members weekend, the highlights: the time we went swimming at 2am, the time we had a bathroom rave, the time Johan was on his very best behaviour, the time we had Sunday morning pancakes, the time Jorn got a Mohawk, the time we filled Pieters beard with spaghetti, the time we went walking through woods, the time we fell off a raft, bridge thing, the time we got our nails painted, the time we played board games, the time we chilled in the sunshine after swimming, the time we wore funky hats and the time we all drank beer. Oh wait, when did we do the last one?
The whole time.

By Julie Creedon