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Introduction Period

Dear Calamarians,

Currently sitting in a lockdown once again makes me nostalgic for period of good old student comradery I experienced during the introduction period at Calamari.

I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to attend all the events, and would have loved to join the shot-course and the dinner, but fortunately I got to enjoy many of the activities; the weekly ‘gezellige’ borrel sessions at the minnaar, the pubquiz,  the springtijborrel, and finally the zeevonk party with glow in the dark shenanigans :).

I think I enjoyed the zeevonk party the best: it was really fun to be bombarded with glow in the dark paint and to, in turn, bombard every new person coming in. I also really loved the pubquiz, which, in a fun way, displayed to us newbies how much there is too learn about diving and about Calamari: Marine life, fun diving knowledge, and most importantly, the workings of the blunderpunten.

To give an idea of my experiences at these events, I would like to say that these gave me a very nice idea about the organisation in general. All the events (in my perception) were well organized and structured, and the events themselves had this very homely vibe to them. I think the people in general fit my ideal picture of an organisation: over all laid back and free of arrogance, but still passionate in the area of activities, in this case diving and underwater activities. I also like that Calamari doesn’t shy away from sea-related puns ;).

Unfortunately, at this moment we will have to wait a little bit before we can have these nice get togethers again, but at least I and the other new calamarians know there is a good time waiting when it is finally again allowed.

Kind greetings,


Did you know... can also become a member if you already have a license by PADI, SSI, IDD, or other international organization? You can even continue with a subsequent course. Everybody is welcome!

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