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Winners of Gotcha have been announced!

It took a long while, and it has been such a fight this year. We have seen incredible dedication from our members, with well organised Kill ambushes and breath-taking water fishts, but in the end there can only be one winner…… at least that is what we thought. But the odds were defied. The final moment of this year’s Gotcha turned out to be mutual destruction, in which both remaining members killed each other at the same time! This means we have two winners this year:

Corynn and Carine! Congratulations!

Apart from that, we also have a winner for this year’s best Kill story. This year the best kill was performed by……. Tabea! With the skills of ninja, she stole Wycher’s water gun, and not much later she killed Natali with it with some terrifying determination. All in front of Wycher’s eyes who gave her the death stare. An accomplishment that has never been shown before!

The prizes are coming your way as soon as possible!

Did you know...

... you can dive all over the world with a diving license from Calamari? Our Diving licenses are accepted internationally !

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