Calamari Workshot Winner!!

As many of you know, we organised a poll to decide which shot made at the calamari workshot is the winner and will be on their menu. And the winner is…….


Congratulations to the winners Greetje, Wouter, Josephine and Natascha!! Your sour haribo divided Calamarians like nothing ever before, but at the end of the day, you had us at Curacao.
This was a close race! Thanks to everyone who voted. The end result of 34 votes is for the Kraken, 12 for the Frog and 9 for October Camp. Well done people! You really know our taste.
Now we only need to wait for the waves to calm down (quite statistically) and then we'll be able to enjoy this shot containing Sambuca, Blue Curacao and Yoghurt liquor at Chupitos forever for only 2€!
The shot will be permanently added to their menu and all Calamarians will get it to this discounted price.

Did you know... can dive at least 5 times a year in the most beautiful diving water of the Netherlands? Join us on our dive weekends and discover the Grevelingen and the Oosterschelde!

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