About October Camp

The October camp started off great, in a cozy car off to Zealand. After a short break at the snack bar, we took place in an exciting Google Maps race to the Schelpenhoek (unfortunately we did not win).

The next day we made a dive in the cold waters of Zealand. Lead was scarce, but luckily we found some weight at the bottom of the Grevelingenmeer. With the prize of the snail’s bingo in the back of our minds, we were off looking for snails. Here we were able to find 2 out of the 9 snails. All in all, a successful diving day. After dinner, you could choose to make a night dive or join the evening program at the Schelphoek. The evening program could not be inferior to the night dive and therefore ended with 8 people in the broom closet. After a quick cleaning session, the next day we got ready for the last dive of the year. To end the weekend in style, we toasted to the great weekend with a salty beer underwater. I’m already looking forward to the next diving weekend!

Did you know...

...you can also become a member if you already have a license by PADI, SSI, IDD, or other international organization? You can even continue with a subsequent course. Everybody is welcome!

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