Membersweekend '18

In the weekend of the 23th until the 25th of November we went to "De Kern" in Oudega for the second edition of the membersweekend. It became one big party.

The evening we arrived we all picked a room  and got settled in. Some of our great cooks started with making dinner, Fryske taboule. And for dessert we got the internationals acquainted to a "vlaflip" After dinner we went on and played "Past die Pasta?" (will the pasta fit?) Ties and Noah won, like real Champs. The rest of the evening and night was filled with drinks, laughter, beerpong and reading love future. The next morning everyone awoke and had breakfast at their own time. After everyone had finished up their breakfast, we went out for a walk, in which we terrorised pony's and spotted birds. When we came back we enjoyed some grilled cheese sandwiches and played Monopoly, without starting the 3rd World War. Some people had to go back home that evening and some others where just arriving. That evening we had curry for dinner. The stories from everything that happened after dinner that night you should find out through the stories, because there was a lot happening. Something with a pair of pants on your head, jumping in a creek with no clothes on and a pile of people, blankets and mattresses, might have something to do with it... The morning after we cleaned up and ended the weekend off with a broom race, which one of the brooms didn't survive.

It was a amazing weekend I which we have all gotten to know each other in a different way and had a lot of laughs doing so. We enjoyed every bit of it and are looking forward to next year! 

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