Club clothing

I heard that there where some questions about the club clothing from this year so here all the information down below. 

We have:

T-shirt, M/F, purple with white print.                       Hoodie with front pocket, unisex, yellow with black print.                                                                                  Chill pants, unisex, Heather Grey with glow in the dark print.                                                                              Beanie, unisex, dark green with white letters.          Coat, M/F, black with white print.                            Boxers, M/F, pink with glitter print

If you would like to find your size, we have the sizes at our place, Wycher and Anna, just message one of us so we can find a moment that you can come over to try some of the stuff on. We will have the Try on clothes until the 12th of DECEMBER! After that we are going to order the clothes! 

Did you know... can also become a member if you already have a license by PADI, SSI, IDD, or other international organization? You can even continue with a subsequent course. Everybody is welcome!

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