Loolee tournament, underwaterhockey

Sunday 30th September 2018,


Some semi-hangover heads of our underwaterhockeyteam are having breakfast in ‘de Belg’ in Almelo. It became a tradition of Calamari and Galathea (Almelo’s team). The food and drinks spill after playing the Loolee Tournament until the last ours in the Pub, so a nice breakfast is very adequate.

Saturday was the time, the first tournament of the season; it was a great start! Seven teams played competed during the so called ‘Loolee Toernooi’ and our team has lost one game. Which got us a 2nd place!
The games went well, we even beat up some team with more than ten goals; so that’s certainly worthy of applause. We have had two hard games as well, so it wasn’t easy to claim the 2nd place. The hardest one was against Galatea. The final score was a laborious 6-5 in favour.

In general we have had a great day and night, where everyone has done their best and can take some of their experiences with them. Carlijn has the trophy, so you will find it probably at the Hok next week. Because, the underwaterhockeyers may get a trophy shelf/cabinet.

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