End of the year BBQ

Dear/crazy/voracious Calamarians,

The end of the academic year approaches. To celebrate this most beautiful year, we invite you to join us for a scrumptious barbecue.

Location: on the Hok
When: July 5th at 8:00 PM
Costs: maximum € 10.00 each, not including alcoholic beverages
Deadline for enrolment: Tuesday July 3rd

We will start quite late, because the last training of the year will end at 8:45 PM. This way, the most fanatic swimmers will be able to join the barbecue afterwards. Beer and wine must be turfed on the ‘streeplijst’ for 50 cents each. We would like to know if you have special dietary requirements.

Enrolment can be done on the website: https://gbdcalamari.nl/en/calendar/167-bbq?date=2018-07-05-20-30

Sweet kisses,
Your dearest AC!