The latest news of G.B.D. Calamari

Winners of Gotcha have been announced!

It took a long while, and it has been such a fight this year. We have seen incredible dedication from our members, with well organised Kill ambushes and breath-taking water fishts, but in the end there can only be one winner…… at least that is what we thought. But the odds were defied. The final moment of this year’s Gotcha turned out to be mutual destruction, in which both remaining members killed each other at the same time! This means we have two winners this year:

Committees are looking for new members!

Calamari’s committees are looking for new, enthusiastic members!

Calamari Workshot Winner!!

As many of you know, we organised a poll to decide which shot made at the calamari workshot is the winner and will be on their menu. And the winner is…….

About October Camp

The October camp started off great, in a cozy car off to Zealand. After a short break at the snack bar, we took place in an exciting Google Maps race to the Schelpenhoek (unfortunately we did not win).

The new PD is here!!

The new Perioduikje has been made by our hardworking PDactie. This stunning may edition features nteresting articles, fun comics, beautiful photos and a delicious recipe. So keep an eye out because the Perioduikje is coming your way.

Protocol for responsible use of the swimming pool

We are allowed to use the swimming pool again, although under strict conditions. A protocol has been drawn up which contains all the rules to which we have to comply. The protocol is available on the website, and can be found under the menu button "Download". This part of the website is only visible if you are logged in. The protocol is available in English and Dutch. By changing the language of the website in the top right corner, you can find the protocol in the respective language.

Stichting ANEMOON

Foundation ANEMOON ANEMOON is a foundation that conducts research on marine (and freshwater) life using a big group of volunteers, including divers, who register their observations. One of their primary goals is following the changes in our ecosystems and finding out the best way to protect them. In the past Calamari has already worked together with ANEMOON where we provided them with data of our sightings during dives. In recent years however the contact has become less active. That is why this year we are going to try to bring new life to the relationship between Calamari and foundation...

Congratiolations new open water divers!!!!

After what can only be described as a weird year for the diving course, a few 1-stars in training have finally managed! Last weekend, they got their diving licences!!!! Get the flatliners ready!

We can swim again!

The Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum is opening its doors again on September 6th! That means we can start swimming, snorkeling, diving and playing underwater hockey again! It also means that we can meet up in the pool again!

Swimming pool is open again!!

Yes, here we go again!! The pool is open for usage again!!We will resume our swimming, diving, underwater hockey and snorkeling from May 27th. Register for practice using the calendar on the website.There are a few more Corona measures. Make sure you have read the new protocol carefully. You can find this in the website menu under 'COVID info'. These are the most important new rules:
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