Swimming Pool

Willem Alexander Sportcentrum

All regular trainings take place in the swimming pool within the Willem Alexander Sportcomplex (WAS) at the Zernike campus.

Travel directions

To get to the swimming pool by bus, one can take line 1 from the Grote Markt, line 1 and 15 from Groningen Central Station or line 2 from Station Europark/Noord.

At the Zernike Campus, the WAS is indicated as building S (in red) for bikers and pedestrians. The (sheltered) bicycle shed is directly left upon entrance.

Cars can follow the (blue) P4-signs, which leads to the parking place located at the backside of the building. Parking is free during training times.


Willem Alexander Sportcentrum
Zernikeplein 17
9747 AS Groningen

Map of Zernike