Ready 👌 Let’s Go! 👎

On April 15th Calamari kicked off with its first education dive in open waters, and it was absolutely magical! 

The day started with us packing all our equipment into the cart and then driving towards our dive site at Ruinerwold. During the drive I was nervous but also excited to have a new experience. 

When we arrived at the dive site we unloaded all out gear and started prepping to dive into the beautiful lake. After gearing up, which I have realised is quite a tedious process, I took my first step into the cold waters. Slowly with our instructors, we got into the water and got comfortable with managing our buoyancy. And then it was time to go under! The first dive felt surreal, in the beginning the waters were murky and I couldn’t see anything but then the dust settled and I could see! We swam around according to our dive plan, and we saw some small fishes. It felt like a meditative process to let go and just focus on breathing in the moment. 

After the first dive we took a short lunch break to recharge our energy and then it was time for another dive! The second dive started much smoother and I was able to see a perch right in front of me! I think that was the moment when I decided that diving is fun! 

After we all made our second dives, and the other instructors-in training also finished their dives, we packed up together and headed back to the hok! It was a beautiful day and the sun was out, for just a little bit, we are in the Netherlands after all ;)

Ruinerwold dive day 2023 2Ruinerwold dive day 2023