The Advanced Open Water course is starting again!

In the Advanced Open Water (AOW / 2*) course you learn to dive under varied circumstances. The course consists of theory lessons an dopen water dives. The AOW certificate is modular (night, tidal, deep diving and rescue). If you complete a module, you are allowed to perform these dives without an instructor. Your progress is tracked in the training booklet.

The theory lessons start on Monday April 15th. In 4 weeks we will cover all modules of the AOW licence. At the end you will take an exam.

The rescue module consists, besides the theory, out of 2 swimming pool sessions and the rescue day. These will be planned later in june/juli.

To start the AOW course you need to have a 1* (Open Water) licence. However, it is possible to participate in the theory sessions beforehand. This way, you can start your AOW course immediately after finishing the Open Water course.

The costs for this license are €40,- which includes a license card. This will be charged once at the start of the AOW course.

BE AWARE: The theoretical exam is only valid for 2 years. If you passed your exam more than 2 years ago AND did not finish that module, you need to retake the exam!

All dates can be found in the course calendar. To participate it is necessary to enroll for the lessons and the exam. When enrolling for the exam, you can select which module you want to take. Enroll before Monday April 8th.