Our trusty old compressor has just received its annual maintenance. The results just came in!

If you've learned (or are learning) to dive with Calamari, you know what the S in VOSRAP stands for: smell. During the assembly of your set, you check for weird smells in the air that you'll be breathing for approximately an hour. This is an important step, because you don't always know the condition of the compressor that's been used to fill your tank. At Calamari though, we know exactly what's up!

We have a Bauer PE 200 Smartline compressor. It fills at 200 L/min at peak performance, which means that a Calamari tank takes about 10 minutes to fill. This beast is already quite old: we bought it second hand in 2011. Despite it's age, it still performs really well in terms of air quality!

The text is in Dutch, but it should be pretty self-explanatory. As you can see, the measured values are well below the norm values. Carbon dioxide values are even considerably below average values for outside air (around 400 ppm). Carbon monoxide is completely absent, which is to be expected with an electrical compressor, but still quite nice! The low values for water vapor prevent rust formation on the inside of our tank.

There's even a comment that our air is completely free of smells and taste. This doesn't mean you should skip the S in VOSRAP, but it makes diving with Calamari even more exciting!