Read Germaine's article about the introduction period!!

This year we kicked off our introperiod at G.B.D Calamari with great enthusiasm. At the kick-off the new members got to meet their cala-parents and got their bags of goodies. After the pool session we went to have drinks at our brand new 'stamkroeg' de drie uiltjes. Here, the goodies got scrutinised as we all got to know each other better.

This was nice for the Eat & Greet, where the families got to go to several houses of older Calamari members to nose around and get some sustenance. As a mother of the Pipefishes, I ended up at Pieter’s house for the first stop. Here my beloved children and my equally beloved left-overs (adopted children) got some information about the WC and the equipment-committee while we satiated our hunger with a nice pokebowl and some wonderful aubergine-rolls. Then we partook in a daring race that included skateboards, toilets and the sheer danger of roads.
Afterwards, we continued on very smoothly to the next house, which was Willem’s. Here we got a tasty steamed potato and bruschetta toasties. During this feast we got to hear about the Kookerwurmen, not surprising after those potatoes, and the PDactie. The PDactie also gave us some comics we could draw in ourselves.
Lastly, we ended up on the other side of Groningen at Carlijn’s place. Here we got some nice soup as desert and some scrumptious focaccia (so good). Anne and Carlijn introduced us to the AC. The Eat & Greet ended nicely at the Drie Uiltjes where all the groups ended up meeting at the end of the night. Definitely a success!
The next activity I participated in was lantern fishing. We all met up at the Hoornsemeer. Here we were received with beer and snacks and soon we were looking into the water with our torches. We saw a lot of ducks and swans (Evil creatures, if you ask Anne, a true bird-hater), a concerning amount of beer bottles in the water but most importantly several fish and all other kinds of water-creatures. A lot of the more biology focused members that participated would probably even be able to name them, but I’m a law student and I was honestly just happy to be there.
Sadly, Capture the flag was cancelled because of bad weather, but no worries, we’ve been promised a second chance when possible!
Our amazing intro-period still ended with a bang either way. We had a party at ‘t Golden Fust with the theme Disney gone Wrong. Oohh, spookyyy. We saw lots of amazing costumes, including but not limited to Cruella, a bloody Cinderella, a Peter Pan who joined the pirates and a Captain Hook with a … limp hook.
All in all, the introperiod was lots of fun! If you missed an activity or two though, not to worry! There’s enough other fun activities to join in the future! Hope to see you then! 😊