Calamari Code of Conduct

We believe it is important that everyone can enjoy their sport and do so safely. In order to accomplish this we expect members to follow the code of conduct below. The code of conduct confirms the norms and values of Calamari and lists several points of departure for compliance. Please take care of each other and apply the following in all situations.


This code of conduct is applicable for all Calamari members and anyone joining activities.

Adoption of the Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is established by the GMA. Proposals for change(s) can be submitted to the Board and revised during a GMA.

Confidential contact person

At least two confidential contact persons (CCP) are available within Calamari. A CCP is a central point of contact at the club or within an organization where a member can go to discuss transgressive behavior in confidence. These persons are available to all members and will treat the information provided to them in confidence. These persons will also always adopt an accessible role.

A Calamarian:

  • Respects others. Be respectful of everyone. Watch your language and how you present yourself to others. Give everyone the feeling that they can be themselves. Understand that everybody makes mistakes and if you yourself make a mistake, apologize.
  • Does not violate anyone’s dignity. Refrain from discriminating, belittling or intimidating remarks and behavior. Do not exclude anyone and be tolerant. 
  • Respects boundaries. Don’t make contact in an unpleasant way and respect the physical boundaries of others. Do not force yourself onto others and respect the answer “no”. Refrain from using verbal and physical violence.
  • Is cooperative. Be willing to work with and listen to others.
  • Speaks up. Stand up for yourself and for others. Speak up in case a fellow member breaks the code of conduct.
  • Is competitive but fair. Treat opponents fairly, take losses well, and don’t be hateful.
  • Respects the surroundings and other people's property. Treat the material and your environment with respect. Everyone is responsible and liable for the property of the association/other members that they break. Leave the dressing room tidy and throw waste into the waste bin.
  • Sticks to the rules. Read the regulations, the house rules, this code of conduct and all other agreements, and abide by them.
  • Reports any violation of this code of conduct. Report any violations to the board and/or the confidential contact person according to the protocol. In case of doubt surrounding the protocol, contact the confidential contact person.

Disciplinary measures

Disciplinary measures will be taken if members don’t abide by these rules. Specific measures will be determined on a case by case situation (e.g. suspension, exclusion from activities, etc.)