Datum: donderdag 8 december 21:00 - 23:59

Locatie: To be announced


Dear Calamarians!

Chilly winds and colourful leaves, and the strange feeling you want to consume 'pepernoten'. Ofcourse! Sintercalamari is almost there!

During the springtijborrel of Thursday 8th of December, we will celebrate sintercalamari together. You can sign up for this activity until Wednesday the 16th of November at 23:59. If you do so, Sintercalamari will arrange that all of you get a present and a poem on the 8th of December. How? Well you will find out after you sign up, but has likely to do with some secret santa website... So if you don't want to miss out on your Sintercalamari present, sign up here!

And then this....

Language in the blender
The AC and board have had some talk about the language in which our activities are, and have decided to organise this activity in Dutch language mainly. Sintercalamari is an activity similar to Secret Santa. Because Sinterklaas is a very Dutch holiday with typical traditions, you should expect Dutch poems to be read. If you want to join and get help with your Dutch, for example while writing a poem, or if you only want receive and write an English poem, please say so in the comment when signing up. Sinterklaas has his ways to arrange some language help or make sure you get an English poem. We do really encourage our international members to join and practice with their Dutch, but most importantly we hope to have some fun together!

Binnen de AC en het bestuur is er veel gepraat over de taal van activiteiten. Omdat Sinterklaas heel erg Nederlands is, hebben we gekozen om deze activiteit overwegend in het Nederlands te doen. Als je je opgeeft zonder opmerking, dan mag je ervan uit gaan dat je een Nederlands gedicht kan schrijven. Als je het geen probleem vindt om een Engelstalig gedicht te maken, dan kun je dit aangeven in de opmerking bij het aanmelden.  

In the future you can expect some more activities that are mainly in Dutch, but of course everyone is welcome, even if you don’t speak Dutch (that well). Let's practice our Dutch language skills together!



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  • donderdag 8 december 21:00 - 23:59

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