Reddendag - Rescue day

Datum: zaterdag 20 juni 09:00

Locatie: Tynaarlo

The rescue day (Reddendag) is one of the most fun days of the year! We practice rescue diving skills outdoors in Tynaarlo. 

As 2* in training you have learned in theory and in the pool how to help your buddy when (s)he is in need. This we will repeat outdoors, and includes lots of screaming for pizza (metaphor for 'help!') and splashing with water (told you - fun!). You will also practice how to do search for a missing diving, getting him/her back to land, and provide first aid, coordinated by the dive leader.

As 3* in training you need to show you know how to handle a search and rescue. You will coordinate one rescue scenario of a diver having trouble. Thereby you get to delegate tasks to the divers around you (the 2* in training and others) and show off all your knowledge about safe diving and first aid.

If you have participated in the Rescue day in addition to the theory and pool session, you have completed the rescue module of the 2* or 3* course.


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