On the 23 of may, a few Calamarians embarked on an artistic journey.

They first gathered at the WAS to eat some pizza together, well that was the plan. In reality, most people ate pasta and some people waited for over an hour on their pizza. The point is, at some point everyone had eaten something which was the goal of course. Then the pottery could begin! Of course the activity committee wouldn't be the activity committee if they hadn't arranged a professional artist to guide us in the process. So Anna Emmink taught us some basics about clay, which included a lot of clay-fingering. This also showed that the skin of some of our members is very nicely hydrated, while the skin of others is so bone dry that the clay starts to crumble instantly when touching it.

Finally we could start with the real work and I will describe to you how it went. Expectations: Gracefully modeling pinterest worthy art works that look like you bought them at the store.  Reality: Scrolling endlessly through pinterest trying to find something cute and easy, start working on the clay and deciding it is ugly multiple times, starting over again and again and agian and finally making something that looks decent and finally: telling yourself that it's charming because it's home made.

In the end, I think we were all quite happy with what we made and now there was nothing left to do except leave our art works to fate. Anna baked them in the oven at her work and they all survived!! Apparently we did something right there, or we were just very lucky? On the 20th of June we came together again and glazed our works. This was in general easier then the claying part and also went much faster. Anna baked our works again and the final products came out looking really good! All in all we had a great activity!!